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Having top-notch content on your social channels is useful while considering how to acquire a following via online media. At the point when individuals first see your pages, they ought to quickly know what your identity is and why they ought to follow you. What will they acquire by following your page? What would they be able to hope to be offered as a trade-off? How might you offer some benefit to them?

Be that as it may, is it fundamental to have top-notch substance and music everywhere on your socials to acquire followers, particularly when you are starting out.

A misguided judgment that a lot of newbies have is the ‘if you make it, they will come attitude. Numerous artists get truly frustrated when they finish a track and transfer it to Soundcloud, and stand by persistently for the notification pop-ups to come in (that won’t ever do). We don’t believe that just by putting your name on a page on the web, individuals would by one way or another discover it and like a couple of tunes enough to follow you and become a fan.

This isn’t the situation and is certainly not how to acquire a fan base via web-based media. From the outset, it appears to be terrible. Be that as it may, when you comprehend why this isn’t the situation, you will begin to see the value when you do arrive at new fans.

Allow us to clarify.

To acquire the consideration of anybody passing your page, you need to demonstrate you are deserving of their time. How would you demonstrate this? The clearest answer is by giving substance that they will appreciate and love. You need to market to them in a manner that urges them to give you a follow, and ultimately press play on your music.

However, imagine a scenario where you don’t yet have unique music prepared to show.

The uplifting news is you needn’t bother with social pages loaded with music to show individuals why you personally merit following.

Initial feelings MATTER

Straightforward and powerful yet frequently ignored. You need your web-based media records to look extremely proficient and have a reliable subject. This is particularly useful when working on the best way to acquire fans/followers via web-based media.

Think about this: when somebody coincidentally finds your page, (either in light of the fact that you guided them to it or by means of their own indexed lists) this could be the unparalleled opportunity to catch their eye enough to give you a like or follow.

How would we accomplish an expert-looking and on-brand social record?

There are four things we can zero in on:



LOGO/BRANDING can be inconceivably important as a performer. A brand is a recognizing imprint and stylish for your product. What is your product? You are! Your music, your DJing, your craftsmanship, and so forth. All that you give to people, in general, is your product. On the off chance that you brand this product suitably, you can make a more grounded presence in your market. Your work turns out to be more conspicuous and open to your crowd.

You can make a brand by having a logo made and utilizing it across your socials. Add to your image by utilizing comparable textual styles, symbolism, melodic styles, and so forth. Marketing helps show you treat your work appropriately, and thusly, urges others to view your work appropriately as well.

In case you’re simply beginning, you might not have an enormous financial plan to spend on a brand tactician for a whole marking bundle (provided that this is true, magnificent!) Instead, take a gander at advanced assets like Canva to make your own, or Upwork or Fiverr to search for cheaper assistance. You can even connect with your organization and check whether you have any visual originator companions who might assist at a more reasonable cost.

As a last resort, you can pick a textual style you like and attempt to utilize it reliably.


This one is quite straightforward. For each individual, the appearance matters as to how proficient a picture looks, a lot more will quickly see how terrible an inferior quality picture or fine art looks.

Individuals will pay heed if your logo appears as though it was made in MS Paint in a short time. It’s not difficult to tell when a good amount of work has gone into something, and when it has not. This goes for logos, photographs, or anything you will present to people in general. In the event that your press photographs haven’t been revived in a couple of years, you might need to consider having them done once more.

In the event that your page doesn’t look proficient, individuals are substantially more prone to skirt your work. Regardless of whether you are an amateur, you would prefer not to show up as somebody to be disregarded. It may take you longer to make top-notch music, yet meanwhile, your cleaned picture can mirror your aggressive work to come.


Giving clear connections to your other online media outlets will permit individuals to follow you on their favored stage. You can cross-elevate from one stage to another and build your image attention to a lot more extensive crowd.

Having a short yet significant memoir on your pages will assist individuals with an understanding of what you’re about. Give a short rundown of what your identity is, your main thing, and what you offer. Show individuals what your identity is and allow them to perceive what they can anticipate from you, regardless of whether you don’t have distributed music yet.

If you don’t have any music online yet, you can simply direct them to something that still showcases your sound. A mix you’ve created, a playlist you’ve curated, or even a “similar artists” section underneath your bio. We talk about this more in the next point.


You can assist individuals with understanding your sound and what’s in store from you having comparable substance to your own. There are a few different ways we can do this across various web-based media stages:


Make playlists on your page and put them in your Spotlight (requires paid record). You can likewise repost tracks and blends like your style and sound. This substance joined with the notification you’ve posted that you are like these sounds, will give individuals some knowledge of what you may seem like before they’ve even heard your unique music.


Blends are another incredible method to feature your music and mixes and can be stunningly better than playlists and reposts. By recording and transferring your own mixes, you’re displaying what style you’re probably going to play in a live setting. Keep it predictable with the class you are composing. You can have these blends on Soundcloud or Mixcloud.


Offer pertinent and drawing-in content on your fan page. Make posts on regular occasions. You can even incorporate ‘this track is an impact of my music to be delivered’. Attempt to share posts that create more engagement, since this is probably going to assist your page with being seen by much more individuals.


Remember some music for your posts and stories, and use stories regularly. Stories are an incredible method to show a track in progress, regardless of whether it’s not finished. This allows individuals the opportunity to get an in the background take a gander at your cycle. On the off chance that they like what they hear, they’ll be more determined to follow you to hear the completed item.


Another truly extraordinary social media platform for displaying comparative composers and sounds is Spotify. Use Spotify to make playlists that you can allude individuals to in the event that they are keen on what your sound will be. You can continue to add to your playlists to keep them important. Ideally, your playlists will acquire a few adherents. At that point, when you discharge your own tracks, you can remember them for the playlists and get them heard!


Utilizing Beatport outlines is like making a playlist on Soundcloud or Spotify. The advantage of utilizing Beatport graphs is the opportunity to have them included on the Beatport first page! This can be incredible openness with the possibility to be seen by a huge number of individuals.

As referenced above, try to put a comparative craftsmen segment in the entirety of your socials. In the event that individuals don’t have the foggiest idea of what your identity is yet, they may know the specialists you are intending to sound. They may give you a follow simply on the off chance that to hear what you put out later on.

Assembling IT ALL

How about we scratch off this rundown together on the most proficient method to acquire an after via web-based media without yet having unique melodies:

  • Proficient looking social pages
  • Comparative substance in the types of playlists, reposts, and additionally diagrams
  • Sharing substance like the substance we will be delivering on our socials pages
  • Have a “comparative” area to advise possible fans to what your music will seem like.
  • Logo + symbolism with steady marking
  • Blends

With that being said, unique music is the most ideal approach for your fans. Remember, you will not get results for the time being with these means. In any case, they can help when working on the best way to acquire fame via online media before you have unique music posted.

These means make it considerably more likely that somebody will pay heed to you as a genuine producer/DJ. Regardless of whether they don’t hear your music today, they may see your name and recollect it. Showing demonstrable skill separates you from every other person who is similarly situated as you, however with nothing to show for it.

The sooner you show that you are not kidding about your creativity, the sooner the public will think of you as a more genuine artist.

One last note regarding this matter is to stand by until you have unique music you are totally content with before you share it with general followers. Returning to initial feelings, if this is your first tune individuals will hear, this can thoroughly catch or dismiss them from you. Ensure you’re completely prepared prior to venture out into delivering your music to people in general.

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