Ableton Live Production

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Ableton Live Production

55 hours

The Ableton Live Music Production Course enables you to learn, utilize and apply your musical ideas into the software and eventually allowing you to explore wider aspects of music production. This course will enable you to write your own melodies, beat patterns and would cover all the creative tools you require to collaborate with other musicians or just jam with yourself using the performance segment of Live. This course helps you reach your first step towards a professional career in Music Production using Ableton Live.

Skills obtained on completion of the course:

    • Creating Basic Studio/ Production Setup
    • Understanding & working in Live
    • Recording and composing musical ideas on Live
    • Track arrangement in Live
    • Understanding of EQ and various types of filters
    • Using Dynamic Processors (Compressor, Expander, Gate & Limiters) 
    • Sampling (using Simpler & Sampler creatively)
    • Understanding Copyright Laws
    • Basic Subtractive Synthesis using Analogue
    • Composing a song from scratch
    • Ability to analyse, deconstruct & recreate songs by other artist
    • Understanding level metering
    • Basic understanding of multitrack mixing

Getting Started 

    • Understanding Genre’s 
    • Getting set up: Audio and the preferences window 
    • Session view vs. Arrangement view: applications of each 
    • The concept of Ableton’s unique warp engine 
    • Launching clips 
    • Intro to FX 
    • Intro to instruments 

Creating With Audio & MIDI 

    • Warping in practice 
    • Quantising audio 
    • Clips: clip view and clip properties 
    • Making beats with Drum Racks and Simpler sampling 
    • Effects: Live’s effects and using third-party effects 
    • Basic routing and resampling 
    • Automation: creating dynamic changes in your arrangements 

Recording Techniques 

    • Group tracks and advanced uses of routing 
    • Introduction to sound waves, frequency, and amplitude 
    • The recording patch in detail, introduction to gain structure 
    • EQ and compression for recording 
    • Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency 
    • Digital, Analog, sampling rate and bit-rate 
    • Microphones overview and stereo mic-ing techniques 
    • Multitrack Recording 
    • Brand new Live Audio-to-MIDI features 

MIDI Tracks and Composing with Virtual Instruments 

    • Simpler/ Sampler – Unlocking the full potential of simple/sampler 
    • Drum Rack – Programming beats, manipulating sounds, chopping up loops, vocals, and tracks – making rhythms from anything. Slice to MIDI 
    • Using and controlling third-party virtual instruments 
    • Grooves + groove extraction 
    • Setting up a MIDI keyboard or drum pad controllers 
    • Getting creative with MIDI effects

DJing and Live Performance  

    • Preparing (warping) whole tracks and harmonic mixing 
    • On the fly DJ effects 
    • Using MIDI controllers effectively/mouse-free control 
    • Push 2 & Novation Launch Control XL
    • Grouping tracks and basic routing 
    • Structuring your sets and using loops 
    • Recording your performance + editing the arrangement view 
    • Bouncing down 

Advanced Techniques 

    • Advanced warping – acapellas, classical music and anything without beats! 
    • Multi-track warping 
    • Clip envelopes – creative uses of Ableton’s unique loop-based automation on audio fx, instruments, and midi fx. Easily achieve complex music, sound, and rhythm manipulation 
    • Using all automation types together – creating build-ups and break-downs with complex sounds 
    • Intro to Racks & Chains – powerful hidden features. Layering FX and instruments 
    • Mixing tips and techniques


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