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Created for DJs and beginner EDM producers looking to get serious with their own music. This Electronic Music Production Work towards your certification, while producing your own release-worthy music.

The course workflow will be taught and demonstrated on Ableton Live & Logic Pro. Everything taught in this course can be applied using whatever software you use.  

Learn sampling, advanced synthesis, and audio manipulation techniques to greatly expand your music and sound production capabilities. You will also develop working on live performance with seamless integration into Push 2.

Today there’s so much music on the internet, and so many people trying to get noticed, so it really pays to make sure your mix stands out. On our lessons, you will learn a host of classic mixing techniques, as well as newer, innovative tips and tricks used by the best in the industry. Our global network of faculties ranging from Grammy Awards Winners to record producers, songwriters and composers, in a research-informed environment will share their knowledge as they cover everything you need from sound designing, using synths, arrangement, workflow, mixing, and create master-quality mixes, saving yourself a fortune on hiring professional mix engineers and studio time in the future!


  • History of Electronic Music
  • Evolution of Electronic Dance Music Genres
  • Introduction To Music Theory
  • Notes And Keys
  • Major And Minor Scales
  • Intervals
  • Chords And Inversions
  • Applying Music Theory
  • Using Arrangement View
  • Using Arrangement View
  • Using Automations
  • Recording In Arrangement View
  • Editing Midi And Audio In Arrangement View
  • Launching clips 
  • Intro to FX 
  • Intro to instruments
  • Creating Groups/Busses
  • Using Reference Tracks
  • Arranging Your First Demo
  • Using Markers
    Workflow & Management
  • Recording Automation
  • Importing Stems
  • Exporting Projects
  • Warping In Practice 
  • Quantising Audio 
  • Clips: Clip View And Clip Properties 
  • Making Beats With Drum Racks And Simpler Sampling 
  • Effects: Live’s Effects And Using Third-Party Effects 
  • Basic Routing And Resampling 
  • Automation: Creating Dynamic Changes In Your Arrangements 
  • Simpler/ Sampler – Unlocking The Full Potential Of Simple/Sampler 
  • Drum Rack – Programming Beats, Manipulating Sounds, Chopping Up Loops, Vocals, And Tracks – Making Rhythms From Anything. Slice To Midi 
  • Using And Controlling Third-Party Virtual Instruments 
  • Grooves + Groove Extraction 
  • Setting Up A Midi Keyboard Or Drum Pad Controllers 
  • Getting Creative With Midi Effects
  • Group Tracks And Advanced Uses Of Routing 
  • Introduction To Sound Waves, Frequency, And Amplitude 
  • The Recording Patch In Detail, Introduction To Gain Structure 
  • Eq And Compression For Recording 
  • Foldback, Headphone Mixes, And Latency 
  • Digital, Analog, Sampling Rate And Bit-Rate 
  • Microphones Overview And Stereo Mic-Ing Techniques 
  • Multitrack Recording 
  • Brand New Live Audio-To-Midi Features 
  • Advanced Warping – Acapellas, Classical Music And Anything Without Beats! 
  • Multi-Track Warping 
  • Clip Envelopes – Creative Uses Of Ableton’s Unique Loop-Based Automation On Audio Fx, Instruments, And Midi Fx. Easily Achieve Complex Music, Sound, And Rhythm Manipulation 
  • Using All Automation Types Together – Creating Build-Ups And Break-Downs With Complex Sounds 
  • Intro To Racks & Chains – Powerful Hidden Features. Layering Fx And Instruments 
  • Introduction To Sound Design
  • Understanding ADSR
  • Understanding Oscillators
  • Introduction To Modulation
  • Modulation Envelopes
  • LFOs
  • Poratemento & Glide
  • How To Design Kick
  • How To Design Snare
  • How To Design Bass
  • How To Design Pads
  • How To Design Plucks
  • Sound Design Using Stock VST’s
  • Sound Design Using 3rd Party Plugins
  • Recording & Using Live Sounds
  • Layering Sounds & Applying
  • Introduction To Ableton Push
  • Workflow Methods & Navigation Inside Push
  • Writing A Track From Scratch (Standalone)
  • Mapping & Clocking External Signals
  • Preparing A Custom Template
  • Using Templates To Play Live
  • Live Looping & Recording
  • Launching And Altering Clips Live
  • Recording Your Live Sets + Editing
  • Introduction To Mixing
  • Basic Mixing Principles
  • Understanding Eq
  • Understanding Compression
  • Understanding Saturation/Distortion
  • Understanding Reverb & Delay
  • What Is Mono And Stereo
  • Mid-Side Processing
  • Multiband Processing
  • Parallel Processing
  • Mixing In Mono
  • Using Stock Plugin
  • Using 3rd Party Plugins To Mix
  • Visual Mixing
  • Creative Approach To Mix
  • Introduction To Mastering
  • Understanding Rms
  • Understanding Lufs
  • Multibuss Processing
    Using Limiters
  • Exporting Master Audio

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