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55 hours

The Logic Pro X Music Production Course enables you to learn, utilize and apply your musical ideas into the software and eventually allowing you to explore wider aspects of music production. This course will enable you to write your own melodies, beat patterns and would cover all the creative tools you require to collaborate with other musicians or just jam with yourself using the loop based production technique. This course helps you reach your first step towards a professional career in Music Production using Logic Pro X.

Skills obtained on completion of the course

    • Creating Basic Studio/ Production Setup
    • Understanding & working in Logic Pro X
    • Recording and composing musical ideas on Logic Pro X
    • Track arrangement in Logic Pro X
    • Understanding of EQ and various types of filters
    • Using Dynamic Processors (Compressor, Expander, Gate & Limiters) 
    • Sampling (Using Logic Pro X Legacy Sampler creatively)
    • Understanding Copyright Laws
    • Basic Subtractive Synthesis
    • Composing a song from scratch
    • Ability to analyse, deconstruct & recreate songs by other artist
    • Understanding level metering
    • Basic understanding of multitrack mixing

The Basics 

    • Setting up Logic and overview of the interface 
    • Speeding up workflow and file management 
    • Introducing the EXS 24 sampler and Ultrabeat 
    • How to program MIDI and make some beats 
    • All about quantise and groove 
    • Apple loops do’s and don’ts 
    • Automation part 1 

Instruments & FX 

    • Logic’s instruments 
    • Channel Strips do’s and don’ts 
    • Using Sculpture to craft organic sounds 
    • Logic’s FX and MIDI FX 
    • Using MIDI controllers 
    • Vocoding 
    • Automation part 2 


    • Where to get samples and the law 
    • Mapping drums, tuning and manipulation 
    • Chopping up loops in Logic X 
    • Getting samples into time with your song 
    • Filtering and manipulating samples 
    • Automation part 3 

Recording Techniques 

    • Sound waves, frequency, and amplitude 
    • The record path and gain structure 
    • Foldback, headphone mixes, and latency 
    • Microphone types, makes and polar patterns – what to use and how to use for vocals and popular instruments 
    • Compiling audio takes 
    • Stereo recording techniques

Arranging In Logic & Advanced Midi 

    • Tips on key command customisation 
    • Advance MIDI editing and hyper editing 
    • Arrangement tools, folders, and global tracks 
    • Flex Pitch and Flex Time 
    • Manipulating tempo, time stretching and using Flex Time 

Music for Media 

    • Logic’s mixer from top to bottom 
    • Routing tips 
    • Creating a monitor mix 
    • Sync styles, trends and typical briefs 
    • Tempo mapping/TC markers and TC basics 
    • Arrangement tips for orchestra and theme building/stem creation 
    • Sound design and music for video games 


TUE - SUN 11 AM - 9 PM


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