Pioneer & Ableton Live DJ Course

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Pioneer & Ableton Live DJ Course

Introduction to Pioneer DJing

Pioneer DJ being the Global Industry leaders and the industry standard for Professional DJs and Clubs. This module will enable you to explore, learn and develop skills on all the major Pioneer DJ Series – CDJ, XDJ, DDJ & Rekordbox.  This module helps you reach your necessary steps toward a professional career in DJing.

    • Fundamentals of DJing
    • Understanding music genres
    • Song Structure
    • Introduction to Rekordbox
    • Introduction to CDJ, DJM, XDJ, DDJ Series
    • Beat concept & counting

Setup & Infrastructure

    • Walkthrough about necessary equipment
    • Connections, Signal Flow & Integration
    • Configuring the best sound
    • Maintenance, technical tips and troubleshooting
    • Understanding DJ equipment
    • Equipment setup
    • Song library management
    • Set building
    • Cueing up tracks
    • Sound & levels
    • Understanding Equalizers
    • Monitoring & headphone levels
    • Panning
    • Level matching
    • Line/Phono switch tricks
    • Implementing & improving workflow

Understanding & Using Mixing Techniques

    • Beat Matching & tempo manipulation
    • Cuts & volume control
    • Rekordbox Software
    •  Mixing techniques via CDJ, XDJ, DDJ & Rekordbox
    •  Understanding song structure – Intro, Breakdown, Interlude, Drop, Buildup, Outro, etc.
    •  Beats & Bar Mixing
    •  Pitch shifting & phrasing
    •  Cue points and looping
    •  Using the jog wheel
    •  Beat juggling
    •  Digital & manual effects

Mix in Key

    •  Understanding Harmonic mixing
    •  Understanding Notes & Scales – Major/Minor, Relative & Parallel Major/ Minor  
    •  Keying songs on CDJ, XDJ, DDJ & Rekordbox
    •  Camelot concept

Introduction to Ableton Live DJing

Thanks to its unique real time features, Live opens up entirely new worlds of creative expression. Mix any number of tracks & loops, remix on the fly, capture audio loops in real time from the decks and other external sources, incorporate your own production into the mix, and much more. Whether it’s the centre of your DJing rig or a creative addition to your existing setup, Live brings fresh possibilities to DJing.

Ableton Live as DJ Interface

    • Clip View: Understanding Info & Settings of a given track
    • Warping: Warping the track to Synchronize the project tempo, Live scrubbing
    • Tempo control: Controlling the tempo of loop or track without tampering the pitch
    • Pitch control: Pitch to be controlled separately from tempo for seamless beat matching

Cross Fading

    • Basic tools used for blending beats
    • Crossfader assignments & curves: Dipped, Intermediate, Constant power, Slow fade, Slow cut, Fast cut, Transition automation


    • 3 – Band Equalizer
    • Kill switches

MIDI Mapping

    • Set Ableton Live to MIDI device
    • Finger Drumming techniques
    • Mapping additional parameters used on computer keyboard
    • Effects
    • MIDI Key Synchronization 

Instant Remixing

    • On the Go manipulation system using Instruments & Effects Rack
    • Chain selection
    • Automation envelope
    • Re-triggered clips
    • Set building & Auto Warping

Promotional Skills

    •  How to market & promote an artist
    •  The first demo mixtape
    •  Artist management
    •  Ethics of DJing
    •  Preparing the first gig


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